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In North America, parts are shipped from one of two locations, either our headquarters in Kettering, Ohio, or our warehouse in Santa Teresa, New Mexico. Kettering is a suburb of Dayton, and is 45 miles from Cincinnati. In EMEA, parts are shipped out of Heimstetten, Germany. In China, the parts are shipped out of Shanghai.

No, accessories must be ordered separately, but LADD’s Customer Service representatives will remind you of the need for wedgelocks when you order connectors that require them.

A UL Recognized Component is one that is to be installed within a larger assembly by a manufacturer, and this larger assembly is then expected to be tested by UL to become UL LISTED. AMPSEAL, AMPSEAL 16, and many DEUTSCH connectors are UL Recognized Components. DEUTSCH connectors that are UL Recognized Components include the AEC, DRC, DT, DTM, DTP, HD10, and HDP20 series. Not every variation and/or modification within a DEUTSCH series may be UL Recognized Components. AMPSEAL connectors are UL 94 V0 rated. LEAVYSEAL and HDSCS products constructed with a UL 94 V0 rated material are available. For additional information, visit

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