HDSCS Extension – Our growing rugged connector series

The Heavy Duty Sealed Connector Series is a growing product line that offers a high level of design flexibility for applications where sealed, rugged connections are needed. HDSCS offers several cavity arrangements and mixed wire sizes. The rugged, thermoplastic connectors have a secondary lock with poke-yoke feature and can be used for in-line or flange mount applications. HDSCS connectors are available in five housing sizes and four keying options.

AMP MCP 9.5 Two Position Connectors

TE Connectivity’s (TE) high-power AMP MCP 9.5 two position connectors are designed for harsh environments in wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connections.

Power Distribution Solutions

TE Connectivity’s sealed direct wire ISO fuse and relay enclosure products control and distribute the current flow within a vehicle’s electric power network. They are available in several arrangements and are easy to mount by their optional flanges or by using DEUTSCH or AMPSEAL 16 connector mounting clips.

Solutions for Two-Wheelers

Whether it’s motorcycles, e-bikes, scooters, or Segways, TE is developing the connectivity solutions that will make two-wheeler vehicles greener and more connected.

DEUTSCH Jiffy Splices

TE Connectivity’s DEUTSCH Jiffy Splices offer a unique single terminal solution, which is designed to protect connections from dirt, dust, and water immersion up to three feet. 


TE Connectivity’s Detector, a part of the DEUTSCH DT series, has an integrated LED that helps with troubleshooting. The environmentally sealed connector has a transparent housing that allows quick visual diagnosis.

Sealed Mini Fuse Holder

TE Connectivity’s compact, IP67 rated, two position mini fuse holder accepts AMP MCP 2.8 contacts and can be mounted using standard DEUTSCH DT and AMPSEAL 16 connector mounting clips. This sealed mini fuse holder is engineered for reliability in applications where failure is not an option.

AMPSEAL 16 Hybrid Lever

TE Connectivity’s AMPSEAL 16 hybrid lever is a sealed connector system that features a lever slide mechanism for mating and a slide in mounting clip. The mix of 24 size 16 and 4 size 12 terminals creates design flexibility for use in various vehicle applications.

DT Series B016 Modification

The B016 receptacle modification helps prevent mis-mating. The B016 is available for the DT 12 way connectors, DT13/15, and DTF13/15 PCB connectors. In addition to the four keying positions (A, B, C, or D) and color coding, the B016 enhancement gives the user both visual and tactile proof of correct mating.

DT Series Dust Caps

The DT series dust caps are made of either thermoplastic or durable plastisol and are designed to provide protection for the connector interface when the two halves are not mated. The plastisol caps, available for plugs and receptacles, are ideal for providing temporary protection from dirt, dust, and paint overspray. The thermoplastic caps provide an environmental seal for an unmated plug.

DTM & DTMH High Temperature Connectors

The DTM series EE04 modification and DTMH series connectors are environmentally sealed, high temperature connectors capable of operating in temperatures -55° to +150°C. They accept size 20 contacts and carry 7.5 amps each.

Connectors for Controller Area Networks

Whether you’re building a Controller Area Network for anything from on/off-highway, construction, material handling, agriculture machines, or your OEM fleet of fire engines, there is a DEUTSCH solution for your CAN needs. Options include several configurations: 2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire, with in-line and flange mount, along with splitters, heavy duty breakaway connectors, and an off-board 9-pin diagnostic connector.

DT Series Bussed Receptacles

DEUTSCH industrial bussed feedback receptacles are environmentally sealed connectors designed for use in heavy duty applications where multiple circuits require a common electrical pathway. Available in the DT series, DEUTSCH bussed connectors feature integrated bussbars with standard DEUTSCH contacts.

DEUTSCH Diodes & Resistors

DEUTSCH DT connectors with diodes and resistors are useful anywhere you need to regulate power or protect a device against a potential power surge. A diode allows current to flow in one direction only. A resistor limits or blocks current flow in both directions.

Hand and Automated Tooling

Crimp tools are offered in several styles. Hand tools are used for field service or low volumes. For high volumes, a pneumatic tool with interchangeable dies and locators is used for solid contacts, while applicator dies are used for stamped & formed contacts.

LEAVYSEAL V-0 Connectors

The rugged LEAVYSEAL V-0 connectors include a flame retardant housing that utilizes UL-94 V-0 rated materials. LEAVYSEAL V-0 connectors are environmentally sealed and designed to withstand the demands of the construction, trucking, marine, and mining industries.

New AMPSEAL 16 Backshells

New straight and right angle backshells are available for AMPSEAL 16 connectors. The backshells accommodate conduit as well as shrink tube or braided cables. They feature a 90° elbow that allows for full 360° rotation.

DT & DTM Series Backshells

The DEUTSCH DT and DTM series backshells are designed to snap onto and mate with all standard DT and DTM series connectors. The rigid, durable backshells offer a high level of protection and allow convoluted tubing to nest within the rear of the backshell. Straight (180°) and right angle (90°) versions and backshells with strain relief for jacketed cable are also available.

LEAVYSEAL Connectors

The rugged LEAVYSEAL connectors are multi-pin and accept multiple wire sizes. LEAVYSEAL products utilize a lever lock system for mating and are available in several mounting styles and keying options. The housings come in six sizes and feature an integrated cable attachment.

Product Finder

The Interactive Product Finder is designed to show connector options that meet your design requirements.

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