Both hand tools and automated tools are available to crimp TE Connectivity’s AMPSEAL Series connectors. Hand tools are best suited for R & D, prototyping, fieldwork or low volume production. Hand tools combine ease of use with reliability and precision. For large production volumes, maximize productivity while minimizing effort for crimping, by replacing hand tools with automated tools.

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Stamped and Formed

Hand Tooling

AMPSEAL Hand Tools

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Auto Tooling

AMPSEAL Auto Tooling

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Performance Specifications


Up to 17 amps gold, up to 8 amps tin


Operating at temperatures -40° C to +125° C for gold plated, -40° C to +105° C for tin plated


See Note. Mate and unmate specimens for 10 cycles at maximum rate of 600 cycles per hour.

Physical Shock

No discontinuities of 1 microsecond or longer duration. TE Spec 109-26-1. Subject mated specimens to 50 G’s half-sine shock pulses of 11 milliseconds duration. Three shocks in each direction applied along 3 mutually perpendicular planes, 18 total shocks. See Fig 5 in TE product document 108-1329.

Insulation Resistance

100 megohms minimum. TE Spec 109-28-4. Test between adjacent contacts of mated specimens.


Leakage current not to exceed 50 micro-amperes at 48 volts DC. TE Spec 109-74-5. Immerse specimens to a depth of 100 mm in 5% salt water at a temperature of 23 ± 5° C for 1 hour. Check between adjacent circuits and each surface to reference electrode.

Random Vibration

See Note. TE Spec 109-21-7, Condition G, except 10-500 Hz frequency range. Subject mated specimens to 10 Gs for 8 hours each plane.


250 volts AC

Note: Shall meet visual requirements, show no physical damage and shall meet requirements of additional tests as specified in Test Sequence in Figure 3 of TE product document 108-1329.

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